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Our Video and Digital Services

We have a unique experience in Video Services and Digital Marketing. Clients looking at enhancing their Digital Journey can combine our services to hear the Melody by ticking the right chords!

LIVE Streaming

Made easy with Pristine Quality, Stress free Streaming, Higher Engagement and All-in-one package

Digital Marketing

Use the right tools and expertise to reach your segmented audience

360 Photography

One Stop solution for your 360 Photography & Virtual Reality needs, Specific to your Requirements

Brand Management

Enrich your Brand Impression in Social Media. This reminds us We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here? - Steve Jobs

360 Virtual Tour

Bring your Propertise to Life with our guided Virtual Tours. TLM is "Google Trusted" Agency

Engagement Analytics

Metrics prevents you from the hindsight and we enable the right metrics to transform your analytics into Strategies

Digital Photography

One Stop solution for your Still and Video Photography needs, Specific to your Event

Campaign Management

We device and plan the right medium (Video, Email, Social Media, SMS, Content) for your campaigns. There is a saying The crying baby gets the milk

Core Features

LIVE Stream like a PRO

Professional webcasting made simple with our State-of-the-Art Hardware and Software. Designed to make your streaming to Social sites look like a magic.

One Package

One package to cover full LIVE Streaming Cycle – Capture Video > Edit Video > LIVE Stream and > receive feedback in the form of Social Metrics*. (*available on select plans)

Audio Integration

We Integrate Audio from Event source for Best Video Production results (reducing background/event Noise) to your final webcasted video.

Pro Video Production

We use advanced 4K Camera of the size equivalent to half of a ‘Coke Tin’ and achieve Multi Shot, Object Tracking with LIVE Editing (No More Post Production delays!).


Our Platform supports Distributing High-Quality Video to top social media LIVE Platforms like Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Vimeo, and Periscope

Minimum Setup and Crew

No Need for “Bulky” Hardware Setup and Crew, Hence saving precious space and resources at the Event Venue.

Why You Should Care About LIVE Streaming in 2019?

Video content has been gaining traction in content marketing. Social Media have become the new Prime-Time for Audience to connect and personalize the offerings to them by Industry Marketers and Brand Managers.

Age 13-34 watching LIVE (%)
LIVE is outpacing Online Video by (%)
LIVE Online is preferred to Television by (%)
Increase in Active Engagement (%)

Plans Built For Every One

All our Plans are priced for a single LIVE Streaming event upto 3 Hours in one stretch.


LIVE Stream Camera & Crew

  • LIVE Video Production
  • LIVE Stream to ONE Platform
  • Unlimited Video*
  • Unlimited Traffic*
  • Unlimited Viewers*
  • Unlimited Daily Views*

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All features of Basic and

  • Audio Integration (2 pax)
  • Design Event Emailer
  • 2 no's PA Speakers
  • Live Support

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Custom Setup

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  • Let us know your
  • Specific Requirements
  • We shall be glad to
  • support you

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Our Happy Clients

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is TLM or The LIVE Moments

TLM (The Live Moments) is a new age startup into LIVE streaming services, which is sharing video to a LIVE audience through the internet. This is different from uploading the video to the web and the viewers downloading a full video's data before watching it (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).
To produce a stream yourself, you will need
1) Video & Audio source,
2) Fast internet connection, and
3) Destination for your content such as Facebook LIVE or YouTube LIVE

What are the Video and Audio sources?

Video Sources -
We use 4K State-of-the-Art Camera’s to LIVE Stream (Size = half of the Coke tin) which can record at 4K and stream up to FHD based on the Social Media Platform’s limitation.
Audio Sources -
1) Our Camera is good enough to capture the sound for regular LIVE Streaming
2) To achieve, Professional grade audio, we provide Wired/Wireless Microphones to presenters (Single or multiple).
Choose our plans based on number of persons who speak or present simultaneously. Check our Pricing Section

What are the supported Social Media Platforms?

Basic and Business Plans support LIVE streaming to any ONE of the Social Media Platform. While the Premium Plan can support multiple platforms Streaming.
We support the following Social Media Platforms:
1) Facebook LIVE (Max Resolution allowed to Stream by Facebook, HD = 720P)
2) YouTube LIVE (Max Resolution allowed to Stream by YouTube, FHD = 1080P)
3) Vimeo (Max Resolution allowed to Stream by Vimeo, FHD = 1080P)
4) Periscope (Max Resolution allowed to Stream by Periscope = 540P)
5) Livestream (Max Resolution allowed to Stream by Livestream, FHD = 1080P).

What Internet speed do I need to stream?

Upload speed is crucial to having a successful broadcast. The faster your upload speed, the better quality stream you have. You can check your connection speed at
We recommend you have a minimum upload speed of 5-10 MBPS, ideally on a network connection that is not shared with any other computers or devices.

How can I Stream to Facebook Group or Page?

If you wish to stream to a Page or a Group, you must be an Administrator. Moderators, Editors, and other roles cannot go LIVE to Pages or Groups.

What Locations you support?

Currently we are open for Business in Bengaluru and Mysuru. Any place, outside this we operate on a need and Schedule based. For More Information, Talk to our Sales Team.

What is the mode of Payment?

We prefer UPI payments and you can use 8073093599@upi for booking confirmations. For Support, Talk to our Sales Team.

Payments and Cancellations?

We appreciate your business and honor Booking Cancellations up to 3 days before the Event. For Support, Talk to our Sales Team.

I'm Interested to become your Franchise/Associate

We appreciate your Interest. For more Info, Talk to our Sales Team.